Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Summer Experiment

Some of you may recall in Little Women when Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy do an experiment. The girls are tired of cleaning, schoolwork, working, and the like- so they decide to have a period of time where no one cleans. Not even Marmee. At the end of the week, one of life's lessons is realized- All play and no work makes Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy dull girls.

This next week I'm setting out to do a summer experiment. I have decided to do the opposite of the Little Women's experiment. I am determined to take over all household cleaning, cooking, and other responsibilities for the week. I will be responsible for two-three meals per day, along with vacumning, dusting, laundry, cleaning our bird and hamsters cages, shopping for food, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning my own room, and the general tidying up. Everything that my mom normally does, I am determined to do.

So why am I putting myself through such pain and suffering?! :) Well, first I wish to see if I can actually do it. That, if need be, I could be responsible for running a household for some period of time. I also want to serve my family- the most important people in my life. And also, so that I will start my summer with not breeding idleness. Idle hands make way for a sinful heart, or so the Proverb goes.

The biggest reason I am doing this is so that I will start off my summer with the right mindset- that its not about me. I have viewed my vacations so many times as a time for ME to relax, and ME to sleep in, and ME to do whatever ME wants to do- and that's wrong of me.

This summer, its all about the Lord- not me.

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Lori Beth said...

Ooooh, good stuff. Kinda convicting.