Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gaurding the Heart

I was reading on another blog about how an article talks about how girls that "give their hearts to there fathers are less likely to search for love from a guy." I believe that's true, to an extent. When I seek attention from a guy its not because I don't feel cherished by my dad. I love my dad so much, and I know he loves me more then anything! (Except God, and my mom!) But that doesn't stop me sometimes from desiring attention from a guy.

But, the reason I try to fight wanting attention, is not because I wish to gaurd my heart for my future husband. Yes, that would be great. The main reason I desire to guard my heart is because I know that is what God requires of me, and it will help me to love and glorify Him more.

We've all read many articles and books, I'm sure, on how to guard the heart. I do not wish to add noise! However, I hope that we all consider the motive for guarding out hearts.

I know its hard to guard our hearts. But lets think also about the rewards:

- We know it is glorifying to God, and hopefully our motive is to serve and love Him more.
- We can be an encouragement to other girls who are struggling with this.
- We can live up to God's standards for us as women, thus being a precious jewel to our father or possibly husband. (Titus 2- pure!)
- (This is the lowest reason to me.) If we are ever married, we will have a beautiful heart to give to our future husband, one that is guarded and kept only for him. That is wonderful, and worth striving for.

Pray for a guarded heart girls! Let's strive to have this quality exhibited in our lives.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Been a while...

I've been busy.

1. I got myself organized! I am using my planner..which is spiffy...and its nice to have everything written down. I was inspired by Alex and Brett's post, on the Reb., and today I wrote down a really good verse in it. Its about how God and His grace are sufficent, and it was fantastic. I read it throughout the day.

2. I've been babysitting so much! Last Friday, yesterday morning, tonight from 6-7 with one person, and then 7-..., tomorrow morning, Friday again all afternoon, and lastly, next Wednesday.

3. I've been reading a lot.

Too tired to write.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay, so I thought I'd use this post to talk about the books I'm reading.

On Friday, I bought "Raising Maidens of Virtue" by Stacy McDonald. It is fantastic looking, and me and my mom are going to start reading it together every Tuesday night. I'm excited for that.

And, the books I am currently reading alone are:

The Bible- Exodus and Acts
Jesus Freaks
My Utmost for His Highest
A Woman's High Calling (Highly reccomended!)
Let Me Be A Women

And other assorted stuff.

I am usually reading a ton of books at once, and apparently a lifetime of doing this is rather inspiring. My father and I have decided to write a book! It will be on something about fathers and daughters, and we are quite excited to begin outlining it today or tomorrow! We hope to combine our brains to use them for the glory of God.

Ah, I did not actually talk to Mr. Mahaney, but I did SEE him. *Laughs*

I must go, I hope to finish my schoolwork and work on a sewing project!

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Shepherds Conference

I'm kind of excited! The Shepherd's Conference has been going on at Grace Community Church all week- my former church, which is about 30 minutes away from our house. About 500 pastors all gather there for fellowship and hearing the word. (Plus, getting free books!) My dad didn't go this year, as he thought to register too late, however, we will be going tonight for an alumni dinner. (My dad is a graduate of The Master's Seminary.)

So why am I excited? Well, CJ Mahaney, John MacArthur, Al Molher, R.C. Sproul (?), and a bunch of other gifted men are there. (Dr. John Piper was going to come, but with the death of his father, was not able too.) I really, really, really, really want to meet CJ Mahaney! I don't want to fall into the trap of beholding only the glory of man, but I have read many of Mr. Mahaney's books, and am an avid reader of Girl Talk. (His wifes blog.)

And, they have a lot of books for sale in a special book store right now, so I hope to add to my librarey. We leave in a few hours, yay!