Friday, September 14, 2007

What I've Been Doing

Maybe this should be called what I havn't been doing- namely, blogging on this blog! I am at and post there very frequently. However, I do like to use this blog too- for more "me" things, lol.

I've been:

-Having tea time everyday at 4. Its fun. I have a cup of tea while reading a chapter of a book on ettiquite, or while surfing a feminine blog. Its so fun!
- Doing school.
- going through many trials. While I don't want to sound full of self pity, it is true. However, God's grace is more than enough, even if He takes away everything.
- Reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, Holiness by Grace by Brian Chappel, Always Ready by Greg Bansen, and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. All are good.
- Reading "Humility" again with my girls bible study. Now that we're having small groups again, we're starting to go on "Humility Picnics" after church. Not actually a picnic, but a combination of In N Out, Starbucks, and Panda Express. YUM!
- Growing my hair out. A girl from bible study told me about a girl who's not cutting her hair until the war in Iraq is over. I concluded not to cut my hair until abortion is illegal. We'll see. I'm not too sure if having hair down to my feet is for me. :)
- Studying and memorizing the book of James. Such fun!
- Spending time reading good blogs.
- Sewing and knitting as Home Ec.
- Cooking and cleaning
- Playing piano
- and lastly..watching good movies such as Miss Potter, The Sound of Music, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and Pride and Prejudice. All reccomended!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


-We're on vacation- will be back on Monday.
-I love Summer. We're in Mammoth right now, and I've been:

-Reading- tons and tons and tons
- Writing Bethi a 23 page long letter
- Shopping- at thrift stores, lol.
- Watching A&E Pride and Prejudice.
-Writing 5 blessings everyday.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I love Jane Austen.....

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Yesterday, we were at the Huntington Gardens, and in the book store was a huge collection of Jane Austen things- dolls, chocolates, address books, note cards, trivia books, sequels to Pride and Prejudice written by other people- it was amazing.

My two favorite movies are Jane Austinish- Pride and Prejudice, and the Lake House. (In a close third is the 3rd Pirates of the Carribean- so romantic!)

I'm going to read Persuasion and Emma this summer. Looking forward to that!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Summer Experiment

Some of you may recall in Little Women when Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy do an experiment. The girls are tired of cleaning, schoolwork, working, and the like- so they decide to have a period of time where no one cleans. Not even Marmee. At the end of the week, one of life's lessons is realized- All play and no work makes Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy dull girls.

This next week I'm setting out to do a summer experiment. I have decided to do the opposite of the Little Women's experiment. I am determined to take over all household cleaning, cooking, and other responsibilities for the week. I will be responsible for two-three meals per day, along with vacumning, dusting, laundry, cleaning our bird and hamsters cages, shopping for food, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning my own room, and the general tidying up. Everything that my mom normally does, I am determined to do.

So why am I putting myself through such pain and suffering?! :) Well, first I wish to see if I can actually do it. That, if need be, I could be responsible for running a household for some period of time. I also want to serve my family- the most important people in my life. And also, so that I will start my summer with not breeding idleness. Idle hands make way for a sinful heart, or so the Proverb goes.

The biggest reason I am doing this is so that I will start off my summer with the right mindset- that its not about me. I have viewed my vacations so many times as a time for ME to relax, and ME to sleep in, and ME to do whatever ME wants to do- and that's wrong of me.

This summer, its all about the Lord- not me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why to Go to Public School...10 Amazingly Good Reasons

Okay, so I found this awesome and had to share.

Why send your kids to public schools rather than home-school? Here are ten good reasons...

10. Skill development: Public schools do a great job of teaching children to sit down and shut up while the teacher engages in crowd control and mindless administrative duties. The ability to put one's mind on hold, sit there and do nothing is a skill that will be in high demand in the competitive marketplace of the future.

9. Lack of ability: I could not teach my own child, I do not know how. After all, anything meaningful in life can only be taught by those properly trained and certified to do so.

8. Financial aspects: We cannot financially afford to home-school. Without the school based health clinics, how could we afford to keep our children supplied with birth control?

7. I want my children to learn all the correct stuff: Given how fast history changes, I want to be sure they are up on the most recent version.

6. Scheduling benefits: Staying on the same schedule as everybody else has its benefits. That way, when we go to Disneyland, we can make sure that we spend our time waiting in lines rather than wasting it on all those rides and attractions.

5. Close friendships: I like the fact that my children are spending so much of their time with people not in their family. I would much rather my children's closest friendships be outside the family rather than within.

4. Separation of church and state: As long as we keep church and state separate, then the more time I can keep my kids under the control of the state, the less time they can possible be under the harmful influence of a church.

3. Socialization: What possible better way could there be to give your children the social skills they will need as adults than to stick them with children their own age all day. Besides, the best influence on your child is the one randomly assigned to the seat behind him or her in home-room.

2. Class size: Learning cannot occur in groups of less than twenty students. There is nothing quite like being lock-stepped through material (with thirty other students) to really develop (within a person) that true love for learning.

1. Class pace: I want my child to know how to learn at the proper pace. If a child cannot keep up with the class, then it serves that child right to be left behind in the dust. If the child is learning too fast, then he or she needs to learn to slow down. And besides, what gives any child the right to assume that he or she can learn things he or she wants to learn rather than what the board of education decides should be taught for any given grade level. Anything learned at the wrong time might just as well be left unlearned.

LOL. This completly appealed to my overly sarcastic (working on that!) sense of humor.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Cloud of Witnesses

This week, I've been having major troubles with doing devotions. I truly desire to be in the Word! I love my morning time with the Lord. It just seems that every morning- I fall back to sleep.

So, today I decided that I needed some inspiration. I slept until 7 today, though my alarm goes off at 5:30. Today I turned my light on, sat on the floor, and still managed to fall back to sleep!

To inspire myself, I read through several different "threads" on the Rebelution forum. I also thought about my dad- how he's probably read through the Bible at least 100 times. I thought of my Grandma- how every afternoon she prays for our whole family, and our friends, and her friends, and spends time reading her "Seniors Devotional Bible." I thought about how I love reading through the Bible- currently I'm in Joshua and Ephesians (my sidebar needs to be updated.) I thought about how much I love my pink pen- as I read I mark passages on being a godly women.

And now, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning. Though its a Saturday, there will be no sleeping in for Tashi. At 6:00 AM, I want to be up and in my favorite place- on my knees with the Lord.

So, if you need encouragment, look at your cloud of witnesses. Who inspires you in reading the Word, and persisting even when its tough?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Is It Well With You?

In So Much More, Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin ask : "Is it well with you? By this we do not mean "Do you have everything that you want" or Do you have no problems"; but are you generally content and at peace and filled with joy?" (I paraphrased a bit.)

I've thought about this many times since I first read that page. Of course, the Bible tells us to "Honor our father and mother, that it may be well with us...." So, if we are honoring our father and mother, it will then be well with us. By honoring our parents, we bring joy to God, to them, and to ourselves.

Almost daily I ask myself "Natasha, is it well with you?" On days when I am not honoring my parents, or bringing them joy, it is not well with me. Those days are filled with strife, anger, frustration, and tears. But the days that I am honoring my parents, those days are wonderful. They are filled with joy, rejoicing, true happiness, and many other blessings.

So, dear reader, now I ask you. Is it well with you?