Monday, February 26, 2007

Continuing Singleness

After a loong break, I am back to continue writing on Singleness. I read an excellent, excellent book this weekend- Did I Kiss Mariage Goodbye? by Carolyn McCully. While you might think it was about marriage, it is really about godly, single living. It really taught me how to become a single Proverbs 31 women. Read it! Its fantastic.

So, this weekend I was blessed to recieve my grandmother's old Hope Chest. She had bought it when she was single, and I am not quite sure what she used it for. However, it is cedar, and quite quite beautiful. On the way home we had it in the bed of my dad's truck, and made quite a few stops. We all kept on joking about the "bad sign if your hope chest get's stolen!" But, we, and the chest, made it safely home.

I think the reason I wanted a hope chest is because not only is it beautiful, it signifys me getting ready to one day be a homemaker. Whether that home will be made with a husband and children, or with roommates, or even in a small hut in the jungle, my hope chest will have cherished things in it for me to decorate and use in my home. Each time I learn a new skill- sewing, cooking, cleaning, or a "spiritual skill" I plan to put a small something in the chest to remind me of my new found skill.

So, there are a few things I have decided to put in the hope chest, which I thought might be interesting to those of you who are thinking of getting your own chest:

- Christmas Ornaments. Every Christmas I plan to buy one and put it in the chest.
- A Recipe box, filled with favorite recipes from my mom, grandma, and other godly women in my church. Also, at potlucks it is possible to pick up some delicious recipes, so I hope to pick up some there as well. My mom has these lovely wood boxes, filled with pretty index cards and recipes.
- A large, beautiful Bible to be used for family readings. This will probably be a large investment later in my life. However, I think I will like to have a Bible on my coffee table no matter where I live.
- A baby quilt and assorted baby clothes. I've started learning how to quilt, and am working on a quilt for my current room, but I want to make a baby quilt next. And baby clothes? Come on. There are so many sales, and they are sooo cute!

I'm off to work on filling my chest! :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Modesty Survey/Happy Valentines Day!

The Rebelution has finally published the modesty survey! There are answers from 1,500 plus Christian guys on modesty. Every godly girl needs to read this survey. It is currently on the front page.

Also, Happy Valentines Day! What a great day this has been. My dear loving Daddy got me 4 pink roses, in a bouquet, in a vase, with a small bear hugging the vase. Its so pretty. Then, I got up early (5:00) and made a yummy breakfast of heart shaped pancakes, canned yummy cherry sauce, and berry-pineapple-yogurt parfaits. I set the table nicely, and my mom and dad were so suprised and blessed. Plus, my other V-day gift, the Modesty Survey, came out, so I was blessed by that.

A few more ideas to serve others:

Send your friends an e-card! has some lovely ones that are perfect for sending to all of your friends.

Offer to babysit for a couple from your church. Yes, its a little late now, but I'm sure they would still appreaciate it greatly, especially if the babysitter has cancelled, or they have not been able to find one.

Put some chocolate kisses on your brother's and sister's pillows before they go to sleep tonight. They'll be thrilled to find it there as a sort of, last valentine of the day type thing.

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 9, 2007


I mentioned Valentines Day in my last post, and I've been thinking more about creative ideas for this upcoming day.

1. My first suggestion is to make a special dinner for your family! You could make a salad with bright red cherry tomatoes, maybe a quiche of some sort that's heart shaped, potatoes cut into hearts, and then a bunch of yummy deserts. Set the table really pretty, with tablecloths and candles. What a great way to serve your family, and maybe while you and your siblings eat your parents can have a nice evening out together.

2. Make valentines and send them to your grandmother, or other elderly ladies. I've heard of some gentleman that get a single red rose for both there grandmothers. I find that very sweet, and good preperation for the future. :)

3. Write a letter to your future husband. I plan to do this, and have all ready picked out the perfect valentine for him. I'll listen to some romantic music and write my heart out on Wednesday.

More to come..

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Gift of Singleness

I'm sure someone (or most people!) will groan when they see my title for this blog. Yes, I know it is overused. I know its annoying to hear when you are longing for someone to love. I know its annoying when Valentines Day is approacing in one week. I understand that. And I know this subject is talked about a lot, often by married or "in a relationship"people. I'm single! However, I have really begun to appreciate the gift.
But really, singleness is a gift. For the next few blogs, I'm going to be telling why.

First off, the single women is (hopefully!) "obsessed" with the Lord. A healthy obsession, where God is the one she thinks of when she is alone, working, and going about her daily tasks. There are no worries such as raising children, serving a husband, cleaning up after others, or any other things that can distract her from the Lord. Her focus is serving the Lord, and growing in her knowledge of Him. As a single women, you can get involved in so many ministries! I am going to start helping out in the meals ministry at our church, so I can practice my cooking skills. I also plan to start working in the nursery. I'm involved in the outreach ministry, where we do various things. I have a large amount of people in my life to share the gospel too. My married mother on the other hand, does not have all these opportunities. She focuses mostly on serving me and my father, keeping our house organized (no easy task!), and other things of a married women. (She also works part time.) I in no way want to put down being a mother, for it is a wonderful and high calling, but as a single girl, I have a lot more opportunities.

So ladies, get involved! Figure out what your gifts are, what your good at, and then figure out how to serve with it. Maybe serving for you looks like just staying home with your siblings. Learn to love them, spend time with them, and serve them. Do things for no reason. Or maybe you have an elderly neighbor- go hang out with her! Bring a plate of cookies. For those of you who have easy acsess to transportation, there are many opportunities. Take advantage of them. Cherish the time you are single. Do Hard Things.

Love In Christ,