Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gaurding the Heart

I was reading on another blog about how an article talks about how girls that "give their hearts to there fathers are less likely to search for love from a guy." I believe that's true, to an extent. When I seek attention from a guy its not because I don't feel cherished by my dad. I love my dad so much, and I know he loves me more then anything! (Except God, and my mom!) But that doesn't stop me sometimes from desiring attention from a guy.

But, the reason I try to fight wanting attention, is not because I wish to gaurd my heart for my future husband. Yes, that would be great. The main reason I desire to guard my heart is because I know that is what God requires of me, and it will help me to love and glorify Him more.

We've all read many articles and books, I'm sure, on how to guard the heart. I do not wish to add noise! However, I hope that we all consider the motive for guarding out hearts.

I know its hard to guard our hearts. But lets think also about the rewards:

- We know it is glorifying to God, and hopefully our motive is to serve and love Him more.
- We can be an encouragement to other girls who are struggling with this.
- We can live up to God's standards for us as women, thus being a precious jewel to our father or possibly husband. (Titus 2- pure!)
- (This is the lowest reason to me.) If we are ever married, we will have a beautiful heart to give to our future husband, one that is guarded and kept only for him. That is wonderful, and worth striving for.

Pray for a guarded heart girls! Let's strive to have this quality exhibited in our lives.


*Rachel* said...

Hey, my name is Rachel, I got ur site off of Anna's blogger. Anywayz, just wanted to tell u that this is an AWESOME blog! I totally believe in guarding my heart for God and my future husband also. Well, just wanted to shoot some encouragement! GB, and have a good week!

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