Monday, May 21, 2007

Is It Well With You?

In So Much More, Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin ask : "Is it well with you? By this we do not mean "Do you have everything that you want" or Do you have no problems"; but are you generally content and at peace and filled with joy?" (I paraphrased a bit.)

I've thought about this many times since I first read that page. Of course, the Bible tells us to "Honor our father and mother, that it may be well with us...." So, if we are honoring our father and mother, it will then be well with us. By honoring our parents, we bring joy to God, to them, and to ourselves.

Almost daily I ask myself "Natasha, is it well with you?" On days when I am not honoring my parents, or bringing them joy, it is not well with me. Those days are filled with strife, anger, frustration, and tears. But the days that I am honoring my parents, those days are wonderful. They are filled with joy, rejoicing, true happiness, and many other blessings.

So, dear reader, now I ask you. Is it well with you?