Friday, January 12, 2007

Be a Rebelutionary

This is the blog by Alex and Brett Harris, Joshua Harris's younger twin brothers. Its an awesome blog, complete with forum and many great links. I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out.

I've been feeling very convicted today about time. More like, wasting time. And multitasking. God doesn't call us as Christians to a life of slowly accomplishing our mediocre tasks. He calls us to make the most of every opportunity. How will we have an opportunity to do anything unordinary if we have a huge to-do list in our hands?

Practically, I know what this should look like for me. I should arise at 5:45 and go straight to devotions. By 7:30 I should head down stairs, dressed with my room clean. My school work cna and should be done by 1:30. Then I would have a half hour to blog, read my forums, and check my e-mails. At 2:00 I would spend an hour reading. By 3:00 I could help my mom around the house. After that I could read, write, clean, or learn a new discipline. (Knitting, sewing, singing, guitar, photography) After dinner would be spent with my family, and then a period of reading before bed.

(Wow, I just made myself a great new schedule, lol.)

But seriously, think of how much we could learn and do if we would do one thing at a time- read w/out having a computer in front of us, cleaning our room w/out talking on the phone (ouch, that'll be a hard one for me!) and other small things like that.

In all we do let it be our aim to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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