Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Die to Christ

As you know, I have been reading Jesus Freaks, published by Voice of the Martyrs. It is really great, and absolutly insipiring. But what I've been thinking about lately, is today, if I am living as a godly person, I will be dying to Christ today. I will be dying to Him in my sinful wants, dying to Him in my temptations, dying to Him in everything that is ungodly and unbiblical.

I wish to die to Christ in everything. I wish Him to reign and not me. I wish that my desires would align perfectly with His, however, that does not always, or often happen. Me dying to Christ will not ever happen without His beautiful, beautiful grace. I would be so, so, so lost. Christ's beautiful, tender, loving grace. Readers, we should feel that we can, nor are we expected to, go about anything alone! The Lord gives us the grace to die to Him.

I feel that so many times we don't give God enough credit. We feel that it is up to us to follow all biblical commands. And if we don't, well, we might as well give up. We don't understand that this is not for us to do alone.

So readers, pray. Pray for God's grace to show through you. Pray that you will accomplish all that HE wills for you. And pray that you will die to Christ.

Oh, just a note, today is my first spiritual "birthday". Praise the Lord for one wonderful year spent with Him!

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