Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Gift of Singleness

I'm sure someone (or most people!) will groan when they see my title for this blog. Yes, I know it is overused. I know its annoying to hear when you are longing for someone to love. I know its annoying when Valentines Day is approacing in one week. I understand that. And I know this subject is talked about a lot, often by married or "in a relationship"people. I'm single! However, I have really begun to appreciate the gift.
But really, singleness is a gift. For the next few blogs, I'm going to be telling why.

First off, the single women is (hopefully!) "obsessed" with the Lord. A healthy obsession, where God is the one she thinks of when she is alone, working, and going about her daily tasks. There are no worries such as raising children, serving a husband, cleaning up after others, or any other things that can distract her from the Lord. Her focus is serving the Lord, and growing in her knowledge of Him. As a single women, you can get involved in so many ministries! I am going to start helping out in the meals ministry at our church, so I can practice my cooking skills. I also plan to start working in the nursery. I'm involved in the outreach ministry, where we do various things. I have a large amount of people in my life to share the gospel too. My married mother on the other hand, does not have all these opportunities. She focuses mostly on serving me and my father, keeping our house organized (no easy task!), and other things of a married women. (She also works part time.) I in no way want to put down being a mother, for it is a wonderful and high calling, but as a single girl, I have a lot more opportunities.

So ladies, get involved! Figure out what your gifts are, what your good at, and then figure out how to serve with it. Maybe serving for you looks like just staying home with your siblings. Learn to love them, spend time with them, and serve them. Do things for no reason. Or maybe you have an elderly neighbor- go hang out with her! Bring a plate of cookies. For those of you who have easy acsess to transportation, there are many opportunities. Take advantage of them. Cherish the time you are single. Do Hard Things.

Love In Christ,

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seancarter said...

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