Friday, February 9, 2007


I mentioned Valentines Day in my last post, and I've been thinking more about creative ideas for this upcoming day.

1. My first suggestion is to make a special dinner for your family! You could make a salad with bright red cherry tomatoes, maybe a quiche of some sort that's heart shaped, potatoes cut into hearts, and then a bunch of yummy deserts. Set the table really pretty, with tablecloths and candles. What a great way to serve your family, and maybe while you and your siblings eat your parents can have a nice evening out together.

2. Make valentines and send them to your grandmother, or other elderly ladies. I've heard of some gentleman that get a single red rose for both there grandmothers. I find that very sweet, and good preperation for the future. :)

3. Write a letter to your future husband. I plan to do this, and have all ready picked out the perfect valentine for him. I'll listen to some romantic music and write my heart out on Wednesday.

More to come..

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