Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Modesty Survey/Happy Valentines Day!

The Rebelution has finally published the modesty survey! There are answers from 1,500 plus Christian guys on modesty. Every godly girl needs to read this survey. It is currently on the front page.

Also, Happy Valentines Day! What a great day this has been. My dear loving Daddy got me 4 pink roses, in a bouquet, in a vase, with a small bear hugging the vase. Its so pretty. Then, I got up early (5:00) and made a yummy breakfast of heart shaped pancakes, canned yummy cherry sauce, and berry-pineapple-yogurt parfaits. I set the table nicely, and my mom and dad were so suprised and blessed. Plus, my other V-day gift, the Modesty Survey, came out, so I was blessed by that.

A few more ideas to serve others:

Send your friends an e-card! has some lovely ones that are perfect for sending to all of your friends.

Offer to babysit for a couple from your church. Yes, its a little late now, but I'm sure they would still appreaciate it greatly, especially if the babysitter has cancelled, or they have not been able to find one.

Put some chocolate kisses on your brother's and sister's pillows before they go to sleep tonight. They'll be thrilled to find it there as a sort of, last valentine of the day type thing.

Happy Valentines Day!

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