Monday, February 26, 2007

Continuing Singleness

After a loong break, I am back to continue writing on Singleness. I read an excellent, excellent book this weekend- Did I Kiss Mariage Goodbye? by Carolyn McCully. While you might think it was about marriage, it is really about godly, single living. It really taught me how to become a single Proverbs 31 women. Read it! Its fantastic.

So, this weekend I was blessed to recieve my grandmother's old Hope Chest. She had bought it when she was single, and I am not quite sure what she used it for. However, it is cedar, and quite quite beautiful. On the way home we had it in the bed of my dad's truck, and made quite a few stops. We all kept on joking about the "bad sign if your hope chest get's stolen!" But, we, and the chest, made it safely home.

I think the reason I wanted a hope chest is because not only is it beautiful, it signifys me getting ready to one day be a homemaker. Whether that home will be made with a husband and children, or with roommates, or even in a small hut in the jungle, my hope chest will have cherished things in it for me to decorate and use in my home. Each time I learn a new skill- sewing, cooking, cleaning, or a "spiritual skill" I plan to put a small something in the chest to remind me of my new found skill.

So, there are a few things I have decided to put in the hope chest, which I thought might be interesting to those of you who are thinking of getting your own chest:

- Christmas Ornaments. Every Christmas I plan to buy one and put it in the chest.
- A Recipe box, filled with favorite recipes from my mom, grandma, and other godly women in my church. Also, at potlucks it is possible to pick up some delicious recipes, so I hope to pick up some there as well. My mom has these lovely wood boxes, filled with pretty index cards and recipes.
- A large, beautiful Bible to be used for family readings. This will probably be a large investment later in my life. However, I think I will like to have a Bible on my coffee table no matter where I live.
- A baby quilt and assorted baby clothes. I've started learning how to quilt, and am working on a quilt for my current room, but I want to make a baby quilt next. And baby clothes? Come on. There are so many sales, and they are sooo cute!

I'm off to work on filling my chest! :)

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