Monday, May 7, 2007


I write about books a lot it seems.

But I love them!

I am going to read 30 Books this Summer! My goal is not to be idle- idle hands invited the devil...or something like that! I'm taking up knitting, embroidery; I plan to cook, sew, garden, walk, read, write...everything!

Here's my summer book list:

1. Before You Meet Prince Charming- Sarah Malley
Bethany and I are going to be reading this together and discussing it.
2. When I Don't Desire God- John Piper
Looks really good, and John Piper always is a good read.
3. Living the Cross Centered Life- CJ Mahaney
I love CJ Mahaney. He is one of my most favorite authors EVER.
4. Total Truth- Nancy Pearcy
One of my dad's favorites, its on worldview, and I'm reading it just cause I know he would like it if I did.
5. God is the Gospel- John Piper
My dad's favorite so far this year, and as mentioned, John Piper is a favorite of mine.
6. Always Ready- Greg Bahnsen
Recommended by Alex and Brett, and we own it. Looks good for learning to defend the faith.
7. Twelve Extraordinary Women- John MacArthur
Looks good, and my Grandma liked it.
8. Pilgrims Progress- John Bunyan
Of course I've read this before, many times actually, but its been a while.
9. A Path Through Suffering- Elizabeth Elliot
I bought it several months ago, and never read it.
10. The Valley of Vision

I'll post the next 20 later.

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