Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Remember When

I remember when.....this is my favorite line from "I Will Praise You in this Storm". I wrote Bethany a long list of memories today- most of which are too personal to post on here. But right now my life is changing a lot- and its great to look back and see where God carried me through when times were rough.

Today I finished a book on sin. I highly reccomend "The Enemy Within" by Kris Lungard. (Bethi was so kind to let me borrow it.) I loved it. I think I've developed a better attitude towards sin. Lately, I've been swinging on a pendulum: letting my sin control me, not caring, then caring and asking for forgivness, OR, hating my sin, not sinning during this time but fighting it really hard and then sinning and wishing to be in Heaven where no one sins.

A little mood swingy eh? But here's the thing- I don't want to sin. I should fight my sin as hard as I can. But there's a secret- though I shouldn't dwell to much on this (well, no, I should, but it shouldn't be "YAY forgivness! I can sin!" It should be- Yay, God's grace will help me NOT to sin, but will always forgive me if I do) - God is going to impart His grace to me, because of the death of my Savior. So, when I do sin-though, like Paul, I don't want to- I am forgiven.

I hope that makes sense, and no one thinks I've gone off the deep end into some sort of Rick Warren doctrine! Ahh my. But sin. Its an interesting subject. Grace is even more interesting. I'll think about that now, and telly ou all my oh so deep thoughts later!

Love Jesus More.

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Lori Beth said...

Oooooh, good stuff right there. I'll read it when I get it back.