Friday, May 4, 2007

'Cause Its May

Okay, first of all, Bethany and I have a new blog which is we started it in April, and we are currently finishing up a series on Femininity. It is a blog for young ladies, and I hope "you all" (which is so little people!) will check it out.

Secondly, its May. On Tuesday I went outside, at about 8:00 AM, and I walked up "The Hill" and it was foggy, and of course, I had my iPod, and I listened to "Far Away" by Nickleback, and it was a lovely way to spend 10 minutes. And I went to the park and went on the swing.

What else have I done to celebrate May? Today I'm going over to Bethi's. We'll go in the spa, and paint our nails, and watch Pride and Prejudice, and celebrate.

I also wore a long pretty skirt yesterday, cause its May!

'Cause its May everything is beautiful.

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